Meet Jessie

I'm the Founder of Getting Unlocked. I came into this world a defective human being—and I'm okay with that. I've had over 20 reconstructive surgeries since birth, now including a full set of false teeth. I've also been dealing with the effects of hair loss since I was 11 years old, for which I now rock a clean-shaven bald head along with wigs and head wraps as desired.

There are differences in my physical body which could give me so many reasons to feel broken, to feel like a mistake, to feel like I am unworthy of love. There are levels of physical and emotional pain I have experienced which could give me reason to feel life is not worth living...

But anymore, I don't feel those things. The more I uncover and share my flaws, the more I love being alive.

What I have noticed about our human tendency is that so many of us are distracted from what's real by the illusion that we, or others, are broken. But, in nature, there are no mistakes. 

I am NOT a mistake.
You are NOT a mistake.
We are NOT broken.

Our greatest teacher is accepting ourselves and our realities exactly as they are, so that our greatest opportunity becomes realizing that these realities - whether externally or internally - are malleable. Day by day, we can lean into our discomforts and make changes to expand the expression of our fullest selves. What's more, we can even help each other do so.

What can happen in a lifetime when one chooses to not suffer their experience? This is the life I aim to lead and share, and so I welcome you along this journey in Getting Unlocked... there's so much more to come.

With Love, 

Jessie tap dancing under a spotlight onstage

Ps... If you want to learn more about my background, including over 20 years as a tap dance educator and performer, check out my website.